Data protection & Privacy

Your access of our web pages unavoidably transmits certain information about you (or rather about the access mechanism you are using) to our server. This information is generally not of a personal nature (see below). Whenever you contact us or enter a contract with us we will need additional personal information from you.

Our use of your data

The Mike Fischer Softwareentwicklung assumes responsibility to protect your privacy and your personal information. Your personal data will only be used and handled in accordance with the strict German data privacy laws.

We will use your data only to process your requests, i.e. an order, and only with your permission which you would imply by placing an order for instance. Mike Fischer Softwareentwicklung does not sell or otherwise publish personal data to third parties unless the data is needed to process your request. For example it is obvious that a postal service will need your name and address to deliver something to you.

If you contact us using mail, telephone, fax, a web form or e-mail and expect an answer from us then we will need suitable contact information from you. Requests without a valid return address can't be processed by us. Specifically we will need your name, company if applicable and your return address as appropriate (postal address, fax or phone number and/or e-mail address). We prefer e-mail correspondence. In addition by contacting us you allow us or partners acting on our behalf to contact you whenever we feel we have interesting information for you. You may veto this last use of your data at any time effective for the future.

Please note that we have to comply with the law whenever we receive a subpoena to release data. In this case we take no responsibility for the use of the released data.


Cookies are small amounts of data stored on the client side (your browser). They are used to identify a client to the server or to store user preferences.

We reserve the right to use cookies for these purposes. If we do then the cookies will allow a better user experience and/or additional functionality not available without cookies.

Most web browsers allow cookies to be disabled. If you decide to disable cookies for this site you may experience limitations in the functionality of the site.

Data transmitted by accessing this site

Simply by accessing pages of a website certain information is transferred to the server. Apart from the implicit date and time and the immediate request (currently: GET /site/en/privacy.html?lang) this is an IP-number (currently: as well as other data. Among others a browser identification, currently: CCBot/2.0 (, information about the supported data types: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8, br,gzip, preferred languages: en-US,en;q=0.5 and a reference to the URL you came from if applicable.

By itself this data can't be associated directly with any specific person. It may be possible to derive the type of access and make presumptions about the technology involved. The reliabillity of this data is questionable though because numerous factors can influence it, not the least being intentional forgery.

Our servers automatically log this data. We use these logs only for statistical purposes and for technical support and site enhancements.

Please be aware that this data is available to anyone involved with the data transfer or with access to the communication path. Therefore we assume no responsibility for any third party use of this data.

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