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Mike Fischer Softwareentwicklung specializes on topics around the Apple® Macintosh computer. My main focus is professional software development but I also do consulting, general and network support, training and sales of my own products.


The company is based in Hamburg, Germany but due to the ease of communication in the internet age worldwide coverage is possible for many projects. I am fluent in English and German and may understand a few words of French.


I started Mike Fischer Softwareentwicklung in 1997 but my professional computer experience goes back as far as 1981. I have been programming the Mac® professionally since 1985 and before that I developed custom software on Apple /// and Apple Lisa computers.

Additional info about my current portfolio can be found here.


Why Macintosh? In short because I like it, because my experience is on the Mac and because I know of no other "PC" whose quality comes close to the Macintosh. Why this web site? Because I've been meaning to have a real web site for a long time. Because there are many things people might want to know about myself or my business, which are obvious candidates for web content. Also because a web site can aid working with old customers as well as potentially lead to new ones.


I am a quality freak or rather I abhore broken things. When I buy a piece of software or a technical gadget I want it to work and keep on working. Unfortunately in our fast paced world many products are not designed to function like this. They are designed to go from concept to production and sale as fast as possible without regard to quality. I can't change the world but I can make a contribution in the area that I work in by writing software that doesn't crash, that keeps on running and that is easy to use for a normal human being.

I also hate it when people try to sell me their newest hype. I can do better by giving my consulting clients an honest, realistic and long term advice, even if it might mean that my immediate revenue suffers a bit in the short term. In the long run this is best for everyone involved. I believe in sincere and realistic dealings in my business.

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